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Monday, April 23, 2018

He took a keen interest to the sound my camera makes when focusing. His name is Puff cat.

I love paws so much

It’s okay, the dog didn’t want to sleep in there anyway...

Not pictured: the one foster kitten that decided to sleep in his own bed

This sweet lady has been for almost a year in a shelter. I just cannot understand why. Now she live with us. Reddit, meet Γ‰ire!

When Gaston gets brushed he gets happy. Kitty smiles.

Peek a boo!

Funny kittens

My Kovu πŸ’œ

In 3 short years he has hiked multiple Arizona trails, was a panelist at a national hospice convention, guest lectured at the University of New Hampshire, inspired a clothing line and has met thousands of people being a therapy cat.

My grandparents cat who couldn't be more relaxed even if he tried.

Toulouse loves baby Basil

My beloved pussies.

It’s kitten season! Poor little dude was orphaned last night. I will be bottle feeding him for the next ~4 weeks. He has 25 toes!