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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Thor's first time outside in the garden. The excitement may be too much for him...

Whenever I go to the bathroom...

That face tho! My little cutie pie!

I had knee surgery and have to keep my leg propped up. This ball of floof has been making sure my leg stays nice and warm ❤

I found a friendly kitty just chilling on a farm. No humans in site.

Three of my cats lined up at the door this morning

Kids found a moth this morning... It was promptly eaten.

Playing hide and seek?

Rey says good morning!

My floofie Votan loves to be belly cuddled ❤️!

I work in a restaurant/bar and this is our cats waiting food in the back entrance

I have been trying for months to show this sweet girl love. This is the first time she has reciprocated. My heart is squealing

Desmond 💕

Here's my new boy Helmut. He's a little different.

Today I lost my best friend of 13 years to cancer. I love you, Sampson.