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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I finally got a good picture of Pixie’s heterochromia. She’s so pretty!

Zola sunbathing

When the pets are so good you fall asleep on the hand petting you.

Relaxing on the job again.

My vet said my cat would drool, but this is not what I expected

One of best friends. Meet Merle.

A Kitten' s first Christmas.

My first ever cat! Just picked her up at the shelter tonight.

It's Katya's 1st Birthday today! Couldn't find a party hat that fit her so we improvised =)

My cats arranged themselves by age on the stairs. 8 months in the front to 16 years in the back!


If he fits, he sits.

Macchiato looks horrified most of the time, but it’s a lot more offensive when I’m getting this look while in the shower.


I'm obsessed with my cat.

This is Jack. He was found in a corn field with a broken leg. He is now part of the family 💜