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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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Toroflux toy made out of a single piece of steel

Kali, the destroyer of evil.

Gravitational Lensing

Cutest Kitten.

Aww Cute little kitty

Woah dude

Comfortable Cat

Passing 30,000 volts through two beakers causes a stable water bridge to form

Best Friends Ever Seen

Google Earth in VR

Meet Bridgette. Found on a bridge hiding in the shade of a traffic cone. She stole my heart.

Over 100 Excavators Doing Work As Fast As Possible

He's been here for one week... He likes me.

had to say goodbye to my oldest today, rest easy big guy. 1996-2017

Car rides are her heaven

This is Jasmine. She heard a noise in the garage.

Meet my kitty Leto. He had to get a bladder surgery and have a feeding tube for a month but he is back to his former glory!

While Obie was staring at a fly, I snapped him being practically perfect.

"Hello world"