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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Long roads ahead

Life-like texture of paint

Wisdom of Terrance McKenna

I animated one of my sketches.

Never ending balance, almost

'4D' Ring Rotation ∞


🔥 The orchid bee is fucking 🔥

Two inverted magnetic bowls causing un-magnetized steel balls to organize into geometric patterns

That child will probably go down in history

Stare at the oreo and wiggle your phone

Overhead view of traffic in LA tonight.

Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) as seen from a plane

The oreo jiggles if you stare at it and gently rock your phone

Join the Battle for Net Neutrality! Net neutrality will die in a month and will affect WoahDude and many other websites and services, unless we fight for it!

Perfect camouflage