Thursday, July 20, 2017

Magoo- He's been called hideous but I thought he was the cutest guy ever. RIP.

Foster Paperweights

Snake shotguns deer

"How I made $290,000 selling books"

The struggle

Some fries?

A deepdream generated from a black image, Its called "CLOCK"

True story

The tiniest bully

Such beautiful creatures

....Found the spoon honey

Julius Caesar pencil holder

My big beautiful, Cheeto. He just passed a few minutes ago. He was 15. My heart is so heavy but he lived an amazing life and he brought my family happiness.

You're not the boss of me

On top of being a black cat, he lost both of his eyes. Nobody wanted to adopt this poor kitty. He has now found a loving home with us, and we spoil him to the extreme.

Sand in a bottle.

Please avoid drinking tea.

Rate my GF's sunburn.

Quiche is the best!!

Beer Hoodie

The trial of champions

Hand laser cutter for nuclear decommissioning

After spending the night in an alcohol warehouse

This bird has found the light

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Try it.

My s/o and I adopted this 5 month Lynx Point Siamese kitten and she's taught us how to love

How i tell if my son is awake without opening the door

The birthing of a plane...

Appears to be new everytime.

How to make a cube from 4 points.

A cat named Fish. After 14 years I had to say goodbye yesterday. I'm sad beyond words, but also glad she isn't suffering anymore

I keep the leg of every pirate I kill.

She survived her surgery today despite her major heart murmur!

What have you summoned upon me?

I slept in another half hour this morning so my cat could use my feet as his pillow for 30 more mins.

2 years later and finally grew into those eyebrows

Man boiled alive

A cathedral made from 55,000 LED lights.

A hungry McDonald's is watching his prey

Yin and yang

I was being spied on this morning 👀

Hola Reddit! Meet Linsy and Me' Shell

The term "No" does not seem to apply to this one!


Most accurate subtitle ever.

Graffitti Timelapse

She attacked a fly midair immediately after this picture was taken.

I posted this five years ago on facebook, still relevant.

A book review from Snoop

Sittin' like a people