Friday, November 24, 2017

Hornet in a cloud.

Cranberry pie

Extreme hot boxing.

My kitty fell asleep waiting for me to run the bath water

Even Ron Swanson can miss a few now and then

It's better with the lights off

I feel like Windows mistakenly did something horrible to my files, and then managed to fix them while in a panic.

Status: Single...

‘How dare you’

My cat passed a few days ago. Weebo was 16 and she was gorgeous.

Sleeping kitty

This guy gets it

Act natural

Saw this driving


The level of aerodynamic design that goes into a formula 1 car's front wing....

Forest bird mimics sounds it hears, including chainsaws from deforestation

If someone told me before the friend that eats ice cream with me while I cry off a bad day in the tub, would be my cat. I'd say they were nuts. Until I met Steve.

I make him do "The Circle of Life" with me on the anniversary of his adoption.

Sent the wrong number a family photo, was not disappointed, happy thanksgiving y’all!

My cousin was so proud of her accidental penis Turkeys. She didn’t see it until we told her.

Just rereading my Far Side books and found this gem that my younger self never caught the meaning of

Don't mind us we're just passing by.

Holy shit!!!😮

Shut up and take my faith!

Back and forth

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

My bad sir.

Employees: Can we get home its been 16 hours Pixar: No finish Mr Incredibles shirt I want to see the f**king nitting on it

my baby treats me so good

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Dark art.

why you shouldn't anthropomorphize your food

Delicious Vegan Popsicle

“A man’s bookcase will tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about him.”

Sense of pride

Shake lightly

This is my first time working in an office. My gf thought this would help the days pass.

Not the happy ending he expected

Acoustic manipulation makes lightweight particles levitate on a certain altitude

I see your wife and cat and present you my wife and cat.

Look into my eye

When you're trying to ask out a girl and you see your mates in the back

Ramen at -30 degrees celcius

my best cat pic ever

My Cat died today; 15 Years old. Rest In Piece

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ah yes, buying her a kitty shack was a good idea

This Video Blew My Mind - Why You Do Not Have A Problem

Proper wing-man technique

Last Christmas...